I am passionate about helping clients understand their health conditions and guiding them to find ways to take control of their health through goal setting and making small, manageable changes.

Coaching looks at the whole person in a dynamic way- we will work together to map out your goals, and develop a plan to help you reach them.
We start with a free 15 minute consultation. After that, our initial meetings will focus on ensuring you understand your health condition(s). The next step is creating a clear plan to help you set goals, including timelines and scheduling. We check in weekly or biweekly, adjusting the plan when necessary to ensure you are attaining the desired results from the goals you’ve set.
In between meetings, I remain available for check-ins as needed via email.

Things we might discuss include:
Sleep habits
Eating habits
Movement and exercise
Scheduling and time management
Lifestyle and homecare strategies (self massage, hydrotherapy, exercise)
Pain reduction


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