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Massage Therapy

What can massage therapy do for me? Click here to find out ways it can help you.

massage therapy for children

Massage for infants has many benefits. It can help with digestive troubles like constipation and gas and it can be very calming. When done by parents it’s a wonderful time to bond and a great addition to the bedtime routine.


Massage therapy can help you have a more comfortable pregnancy and can help reduce the discomforts and stress of life with a new baby.

massage therapy for seniors

Massage therapy can help seniors stay active, treat common problems like back, shoulder and knee pain and help with the effects of a number of conditions including parkinson’s disease, arthritis and a wide variety of other conditions.

massage therapy for those living with cancer

Oncology massage is massage therapy for people that are going through cancer treatment as well as those with a history of cancer. It can help reduce the some effects of cancer such as pain and anxiety as well as some of the side effects of cancer treatments.

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