massage therapy for seniors

A priority when performing massage for seniors is taking into account each person’s health status.  The benefits of massage for seniors are the same as for other groups; reducing muscle tension, increasing circulation decreasing inflammation and joint stiffness as well as reducing pain and anxiety. The techniques tend to be light and soothing.  Massage also helps with several conditions often found in the senior population, such as arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis and the back and shoulder aches that arise from using walkers or wheelchairs.

Massage can be used to treat more than pain.  It is beneficial to those  who have suffered strokes, who have multiple sclerosis, or who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome.  Massage therapy is helpful in palliative care as well, providing comfort and helping to reduce anxiety.  There is also pleasure to be found in the simple human touch and company that comes with massage.

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