I’ve started doing 2 things that I love again. House calls for clients in palliative care and cycling with my daughter to school.

Working with people in palliative care is wonderful work. I love coming to see them in their homes and helping them feel as comfortable as possible. Bringing some pain relief and relaxation to a person going through such a hard time means so much to me.

Riding with my girl is a real gift. As we roll along the Rideau River she always spots the amazing things along the way. Herons, turtles, muskrats and more.

She also gets me to slow down and do fun things. Yesterday we rolled up our pants and walked in the river. The water was so refreshing. 

One of my goals is to spend some time in nature every day. It clears my mind and gives me more energy, which are things I’ll need to maintain my massage practice and to keep up with my kids.